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2nd International Conference for pharmaceutical industry and anti-doping for public health – 2015 Tokyo Conference, 2015.1.28


The event was attended by more than 300 representatives from leading organisations in the anti-doping, sport and pharmaceutical industries who explored new ways to help protect the rights of the clean athlete and restrict the abuse of licensed and unlicensed medicines.
The Conference has led to the latest step in increased cooperation between the anti-doping and pharmaceutical industries; and, aimed to further improve information sharing and collaboration to tackle the issue of doping within sport and society as a whole.
This Conference was organised as part of “Sport for Tomorrow”, Tokyo 2020 legacy project, and “PLAY TRUE 2020″ has just launched as part its three main strands

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第2回製薬業及びアンチ・ドーピングに係る国際会議 報告フィルム(ショート版 : Short ver)
第2回製薬業及びアンチ・ドーピングに係る国際会議 報告フィルム(フル版 : FULL ver)
第2回製薬業及びアンチ・ドーピングに係る国際会議 報告書PDF(日本語)
第2回製薬業及びアンチ・ドーピングに係る国際会議 報告書PDF(英語)